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To All Police, Fire,
EMS, and Military, Personnel

Benedict XVI 's Prayer
at Ground Zero

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A WORLD Day of Prayer for Peace

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Sponsored by the Knights of Columbus,  Berkshire Council 1520

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To Those who serve

We invite all military, law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel and veterans of these services to be our honored guests during our vigil. It is because of you that this vigil will continue for over 24 hours. We will take all the time necessary to remember and honor the fallen of your services. Reading their names and remembering the events of their death. Every person’s remembrance is fulfilled by embracing their family, holding them up and showing love for them. As their brothers and sisters in service we would be honored if you would attend our services and help us to grieve their death.

We also want to thank you in person for your service.

If you cannot attend please email or write to us and we will place your thoughts in a place of honor.

We will not forget “Them” and we will not forget “You”

God Bless you for your service.

police and firemen